Build bigger dreams with better data

Spacemaker is a cloud-based AI software that empowers architects, planners, and developers to assess and plan sites and create early-stage concepts faster, smarter, and more collaboratively.

Design better cities with outcome-based design. Make space for creativity. Make space for Spacemaker.

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Cobe future-proofs its designs and ways of working with new digital processes

Wanting to advance their way of working with sustainability and improve efficiency in the early phases, Danish architecture firm Cobe used Spacemaker’s data-driven tools to make more qualified decisions.

As a result, they say that it’s opened up a new world of possibilities to build better cities.

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How Steen & Strøm, Storebrand, and A-lab collaborated to accelerate the Økern Sentrum development

Learn how forward-looking developers like Steen & Strøm, A-lab, and Storebrand are rethinking site development using Spacemaker’s technology. For this project, they arranged a two-day workshop to iteratively adjust the concept, working in Spacemaker to design, analyze and review different outcomes.

As a result, residential areas with the lowest level of daylight access reduced by 51%, and the noisiest level of residential facade areas were reduced by 10%.

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Patriarche saves days by conducting faster feasibility studies

Ambitious to be at the forefront of innovation, French architecture firm Patriarche need to be alert to Spacemaker. The efficiency and accuracy of the data delivered, mean that firm is now able to complete feasibility studies in 1.5 hours—far quicker than the traditional 2 days!

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Unlock infinite possibilities with generative design

Sweco Architects: democratizing generative design

Urban development projects are complex, with a need for diverse stakeholders to join forces and make decisions fast. Learn how Sweco Architects successfully removed barriers to collaboration, and helped design teams visualize their next steps, with Spacemaker's generative design and single space.

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The five benefits of Spacemaker's generative design

Think of generative design as a tool that empowers your team to push the boundaries of a concept, to discover what's possible—and viable. With hundreds or even thousands of alternatives generated, the process drives innovation and helps to minimize any potential challenges being overlooked.

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