WEBINAR with Reynaers Aluminium

Why connecting PDM to Autodesk Cloud PLM?

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Today’s manufacturing world demands a platform that integrates PDM with cloud PLM to enhance collaboration and visibility, streamline design processes, and prevent the risk of costly quality errors.

It takes the collaboration of a cross-functional team of engineers, operations, quality risk managers and design manufacturers to successfully design a product. The challenge is each division often works with their own siloed systems that are disconnected from other business functions, resulting in delays, data duplication, errors, scrap and rework.

This is where PLM comes in, enabling data management across the entire product lifecycle.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How Cloud PLM enhances supply chain collaboration and information sharing
  • Practical advice on integrating your PDM to our Cloud PLM solution
  • Client presentation from Reynaers Aluminium on efficient collaboration and single source of truth thanks to Cloud PLM

Sign up now for this on demand webinar lead by Peter Van Avondt, Technical Sales Specialist Benelux.


Peter Van Avondt

Technical Sales Specialist